SHVL 805 – Spontaneous Combustion

“Triad” 1972

SHVL-805-front  SHVL-805-front-cutout



Sleeve notes:

Non-gatefold sleeve, with die-cut centre hole allowing 1 of 3 different inserts to show through, designed by Paul May, photography by Pete Kibbles, date code 7210 (October 1972) and printer’s credit on rear.
“Printed and made by Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd.”

Label notes:
Uk 1st pressing information must include the following –

“THE GRAMOPHONE CO. LTD” around rim of label
EMI box logo on label
“MADE IN GT. BRITAIN” at bottom of label

Matrix notes:

UK 1st pressing (with label as above)

S H V L  8 0 5   A – 3      M    1

S H V L  8 0 5   B – 2      M    1

Inserts (back is common to all three):

SHVL-805-insert1-front  SHVL-805-insert1-back

SHVL-805-insert3-front  SHVL-805-insert2-front

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