Originally Charisma Records publishing company, it became a record label in its own right in 1973. Mooncrest released a diverse range of recordings from mainly rock and folk acts such as Nazareth and Steeleye Span respectively, as well as the occasional reggae release (e.g. Dandy Livingstone).

Mooncrest was also used to reissue several earlier recordings from the (by now) defunct Pegasus label (e.g. Shirley Collins, Steeleye Span and Nazareth) and even Steeleye Span LPs from B&C Records (“Please To See The King”) and an earlier one from RCA (“Hark! The Village Wait”).

Mooncrest ceased to exist by 1976 but was revived in the 1990’s to reissue various recordings on CD.

Mooncrest Records discography (click the links to go to each album’s page):

The ‘lost’ Decameron album appears to have surfaced. Gerry Grounsell has contacted me with the following information: “I have a copy of Decameron (Mooncrest 28)  “Beyond The Days”  with a handwritten white  label but without a hard cover, just in a paper sleeve.  Any comment, please.  Many thanks, Gerry.

Here’s the information I could uncover below:

“Rumours of a missing 3rd Decameron album have circulated incessantly. It was called “Beyond the Light” or “Beyond the Days” depending on the source, and was even given a catalog number, but it was ultimately scrapped, although supposedly some of its material has surfaced on compilations since.” (source:

So, with this being scrapped, the catalogue number was issued instead to the Sandy Denny LP above. And it also appears to clear up the intended title of the LP according to Gerry’s copy.

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