Harvest Singles

HAR-5001-Edgar-Broughton-BandFeaturing “THE GRAMOPHONE CO. LTD” wording around the label edge and with “MADE IN GT. BRITAIN” at the bottom centre of the label, there are just over 70 singles released by Harvest from 1969 up to the introduction of “EMI RECORDS LTD” labels in 1973. All catalogue numbers from HAR 5001 through to HAR 5076 were utilised with just three exceptions being unreleased: HAR 5004, 5036 and 5057. A few were released out of sync with their sequential catalogue number (e.g. HAR 5075 was released in September 1973, 2 months after HAR 5076 and therefore it features EMI RECORDS LTD rather than THE GRAMOPHONE CO. LTD).

The first 40 singles (up to and including the demo version of HAR 5042) do not feature the boxed EMI logo as this was not introduced until the end of August 1971. The commercial release of HAR 5042 and all subsequent singles from 27th August 1971 feature the boxed EMI logo. Many of the earlier singles were reissued with EMI boxed logos and then with the EMI RECORDS LTD wording around the edge too.

The first 4 singles (HAR 5001, 5002, 5003, 5005) feature the ‘SOLD IN THE UK SUBJECT TO RESALE PRICE CONDITIONS’ wording. The next single released (Deep Purple’s “Hallelujah” on HAR5006) does not feature this text. Given that the demo version of HAR5006 shows a release date of 25.7.69, it is fair to assume that this two week period between 11 July 1969 and 25 July 1969 is when the ‘SOLD IN THE UK…’ wording was finally dropped.

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