Pegasus Records – offshoot of B&C Records. Formed in 1971, Pegasus released just 14 LPs before closing down in 1972, most of the artists moved over to the newly formed Mooncrest label which also reissued a fair number of the original Pegasus releases.

The A-side label design followed the thinking by Vertigo swirl, i.e. a generic ‘corporate’ label for the A side and all track listing information on the B side label.

After a few releases the label name and design was compromised by a legal challenge from The Readers Digest company which owned the trademark to ‘Pegasus’ forcing a change to PEG Records to reflect the catalogue numbering system (although Pegasus Records was still for a while the name of the company) and a ‘PEG’ graphic was introduced, replacing the more appropriate winged horse…shame.

What is interesting to note is that on the inner gatefold of PEG11 (Ritchie Francis ‘Song Bird’ – the third LP to feature the new label design) the record company name is listed as Pegasus with the ‘asus’ crossed out, leaving ‘Peg’ as the name of the label…

Pegasus Records discography (click the links to go to each album’s page):

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