Neon-labelAnother short-lived ‘specialist’ label from a major record company, this time RCA. The Neon label only issued 11 albums, a varied mix of folk, jazz and prog rock from ‘one-off’ obscure artists. Some had releases on other labels prior to and after their Neon releases, most disappeared without trace!

All the albums (bar the last one NE11) were released in 1971. RCA must have had enough of the lack of sales and called it a day by early 1972 after The Running Man’s self titled album.

There are several worthy album designs in the limited catalogue, most notably from Marcus Keef and his distinctive ‘false colour’ photographic style on Indian Summer and Tonton Macoute.

See the Neon label discography below:

One comment on “Neon

  1. Keef also was the Album Photographer for Shape Of The Rain’s ‘Riley, Riley’Wood and Waggett’. The location was Shepperton Movie Studios, Shepperton, London, UK.

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