PLEASE NOTE: If you’re looking for valuations or want to ask, “how much is this worth?”…then you’re at the wrong place! I can’t possibly keep track of latest selling prices or values, please just try eBay for current prices (it’s worth what someone’s prepared to pay for it!) or try Popsike (an archive for what things have sold for in the past) – just make sure you’re comparing like for like. A 6th press green and orange label Led Zeppelin is NOT going o sell for  red/plum turquoise sleeve 1st pressing!

This site is dedicated to some of the most collectable classic and progressive rock recordings from the ‘golden era’ of vinyl on some of the most desirable record labels around. You’ll find the classic and most desirable versions of Led Zeppelin on Atlantic red/plum labels, Black Sabbath on Vertigo swirl and WWA, Deep Purple on Harvest and their own Purple label, Genesis on Charisma pink scroll as well as many more obscurities on these and other collectable labels. Where possible, all known variations of label and sleeve design have been included for comparison purposes (click the images and you’ll see a larger version opens up), but all information submitted is either from my own personal collection or personal research and is subject to change as and when new information becomes available…enjoy browsing through and I hope you find it useful.


Please contact me with any requests or suggestions through the form below:

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  1. I have a Led Zeppelin IV album with an All Red Label, it looks like it may have some Japanese wording but mostly English and it says FIRST FL-2145-A. I would love to hear about the background and collectibity of it. Thank you, Wan

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