WWA was another label designed to ‘free’ artists from the stifling control of their record labels and was set up by the management team responsible for Black Sabbath and Gentle Giant. Black Sabbath in particular had enjoyed a few years of very successful commercial record releases and yet had seen very little (relatively) in terms of financial rewards from their record sales, due mainly to an unfairly weighted recording contract and also a punitive management contract in their early days.

WWA was short-lived, however, with mainly re-releases and compilations of Sabbath’s back catalogue and only one new album released: “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”. Legal battles with the aforementioned original Sabbath management created an enforced lull in Sabbath’s ability to tour and record (prompting the song title “The Writ” on the eventual next album ‘Sabotage’ two years later).

Other artists on WWA were too niche for major commercial success and once the label had folded, Sabbath moved to the NEMS label for ‘Sabotage’ and yet another cynical attempt to cash in on the back catalogue with all the previous albums re-released yet again on NEMS.

WWA Records discography (click the links to go to each album’s page):

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