Track Record

612001---Jimi-Hendrix-labelFounded by Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, The Who’s management, to give them more ‘creative freedom’, Track was renowned for also releasing the UK versions of Jimi Hendrix’s albums (of which “Are You Experienced” was the very first release).

Other artists on Track include Arthur Brown, Thunderclap Newman and Golden Earring. The label fell into financial difficulty over legal disputes with Hendrix’s US recording contract – PPX Enterprises – which supposedly guaranteed exclusive rights for 3 years and as a result, financial compensation had to be paid by Track to PPX.

The label closed in 1978. Lambert died in 1981 aged 45 from a cerebral haemorrhage after falling down the stairs at his mother’s house whilst drunk. Stamp died of cancer 24 November 2012 aged 70.

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