Track Record Singles


Track Record was prolific in issuing singles from its roster of LP acts such as The Who, Arthur Brown and Jimi Hendrix Experience and also one-off releases too.

The coding system began with a six figure numeric catalogue system (604XXX) which lasted for the first 36 singles released (604021 appears to be unissued) and this then changed in May 1970 to a seven digit system (2094-XXX) with the first single under this code being Thunderclap Newman’s “Accidents”, released 15 May 1970. (2252-001 was used for a 4 track EP by The Who, and 2095-001 for a Hendrix 3 track EP).

All singles bar the very first feature a black label with silver text, echoing the LP label. 604001 was issued with a white label with black text.

Only a handful of singles were issued with picture sleeves, nearly all with plain sleeves.

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