Founded in 1969 by Trojan Records owner Lee Gopthal, B&C (standing for Beat & Commercial) was designed to release progressive and folk material. Thanks to a deal with the newly founded Charisma label later that year, B&C also manufactured and distributed a good portion of that label’s early catalogue, ‘sharing’ the same catalogue numbering system of a ‘C A S’ prefix followed by four digits.

In 1971, a new offshoot label called Pegasus Records was created and the existing roster of progressive and folk artists moved over onto this label. B&C continued to distribute for Charisma and another new label in 1973, Mooncrest. B&C was sold to Allied/Saga Records in 1974 following financial difficulties.

B&C Records discography (click the links to go to each album’s page):

Full list of titles below, those in green are B&C the others are on the Charisma label.

CAS 1001  Merrill Moore Tree Top Tall
CAS 1002  Dione & The Belmonts Together Again
CAS 1003  Pacific Gas & Electric Get It On
CAS 1004  unreleased
CAS 1005  Rare Bird Rare Bird
CAS 1006  unreleased
CAS 1007  Van Der Graaf Generator The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other
CAS 1008  Joseph Eger Classical Heads
CAS 1009  Gordon Turner Meditation
CAS 1010  Atomic Rooster Atomic Rooster
CAS 1011  Rare Bird As Your Mind Flies By
CAS 1012  Audience Friend’s Friend’s Friend
CAS 1013  unreleased
CAS 1014  The Nice Five Bridges
CAS 1015  Keith Christmas Fable Of The Wings
CAS 1016  Harold McNair The Fence
CAS 1017  Trevor Billmuss Family Apology
CAS 1018  Jackson Heights King Progress
CAS 1019  Shelagh McDonald Album
CAS 1020  Genesis Trespass
CAS 1021  Brian Davison’s Every Which Way Brian Davison’s Every Which Way
CAS 1022  Hannibal Hannibal
CAS 1023  Carol Grimes and Delivery Fool’s Meeting
CAS 1024  Steamhammer Mountains
CAS 1025  Lindisfarne Nicely Out Of Tune
CAS 1026  Atomic Rooster Death Walks Behind You
CAS 1027  Van Der Graaf Generator H To He, Who Am The Only One
CAS 1028  Everyone Everyone
CAS 1029  Steeleye Span Please To See The King
CAS 1030  The Nice Elegy
CAS 1031  Ginhouse Ginhouse
CAS 1032  Audience The House On The Hill
CAS 1033  Marc Ellington Rains/Reins Of Changes
CAS 1034  Andy Roberts Home Grown
CAS 1035  Tim Hart & Maddy Prior Summer Solstice
CAS 1036  Birth Control Birth Control
CAS 1037  Peter Hammill Fool’s Mate
CAS 1038  Wishful Thinking Hiroshima
CAS 1039  Atacama Atacama
CAS 1040  Leigh Stephens Leigh Stephens And A Cast Of Thousands
CAS 1041  Keith Christmas Pygmy
CAS 1042  Spirogyra St Radigunds
CAS 1043  Shelagh McDonald Stargazer
CAS 1044  Paul Kent Paul Kent
CAS 1045  Harold McNair Harold McNair
CAS 1046 Released as Pegasus PEG 6
CAS 1047 Released as Pegasus PEG 7
CAS 1048  unreleased
CAS 1049  Monty Python Another Monty Python Record
CAS 1050  Lindisfarne Fog On The Tyne
CAS 1051  Van Der Graaf Generator Pawn Hearts
CAS 1052  Genesis Nursery Cryme
CAS 1053  Bell And Arc Bell And Arc
CAS 1054  Audience Lunch
CAS 1055  Spreadeagle The Piece Of Paper
CS 1  The Nice Autumn ’67 – Spring ’68
CS 2  Van Der Graaf Generator Van der Graaf Generator 68-71
CS 3  Liverpool Scene Recollections

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