SHVL 751 – Deep Purple

“The Book Of Taliesyn” 1969


Sleeve notes:

Laminated gatefold sleeve, date code 6905 (May, 1969) and printer’s credit on rear sleeve:
“Printed and made by Ernest J. Day & Co. Ltd. London, W.1.”
Sleeves appear to be identical on 1st pressings and later reissues on Harvest.

Note that although the album was originally recorded in 1968 (and released on Tetragrammaton Records in December 1968 in USA) it was not released in UK until July 1969 and was the first release on the newly formed Harvest label by EMI. Interestingly, Glover and Gillan had just joined Deep Purple before the album was finally released in the UK. A hastily recorded ‘Hallelujah’ single with the new line up was released to coincide with the ‘new’ album (almost 8 months old in actuality).

Label notes:
Uk 1st and 2nd pressing information must include the following –

“THE GRAMOPHONE CO. LTD” around rim of label
No EMI box logo on label
“MADE IN GT. BRITAIN” at bottom of label

It is my belief that the version with the ‘SOLD IN UK’ wording in 5 lines (above right) is a transitional label design/pressing in between 1st press (with 4 lines) above left and the 3rd press (below). My argument is that the word ‘STEREO’ on the 4 line version (1st press) is on the left of the label, below the band name. This is consistent on the first 7 Harvest labels. On the 5 line version (2nd press), ‘STEREO’ has moved to the right of the label (above the catalogue number). This is consistent with the 3rd press positioning below.

Matrix notes:

UK 1st pressing (with label as above)

S H V L   7 5 1   A – 1G  (M at 3 o’clock in deadwax, 1 at 9 o’clock)

S H V L   7 5 7   B – 1G  (M at 3 o’clock in deadwax, 1 at 9 o’clock)

Inner sleeve:

Plain white


S H V L   7 5 1   A – 1G  (GG at 3 o’clock in deadwax, 2 at 9 o’clock)

S H V L   7 5 7   B – 1G  (GP at 3 o’clock in deadwax, 1 at 9 o’clock)

Inner sleeve:

Harvest advertising inner sleeve


Note the EMI box logo that has now appeared above ‘HARVEST’. This 4th UK pressing (still with The Gramophone Co. Ltd text) will be from mid-1971. Also note the spacing on the track listing text; 1st and 2nd press is spread across 8 lines, 3rd press is now on 7 lines.


(Apologies for the poor, low quality image, I’ll update it soon!)

Notes on the 5th pressing:

‘THE GRAMOPHONE CO. LTD’ has now been replaced by ‘EMI RECORDS LTD’ around the top edge of the label.

‘MADE IN GT. BRITAIN’ has moved from the bottom centre of the label and been added to the copyright wording around the bottom edge of the label.

This label design was introduced in 1974, so this pressing is from that point in time onwards.

5 comments on “SHVL 751 – Deep Purple

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  4. Were there 4 line versions of Panama Limited Jug Band and Wasa Wasa albums or only the 5 line versions with STEREO on the right? I had never realised there were two versions of Book..! Hve never seen 4 line versions of either of these two or a 5 line version of Book until I was looking at your site. Which version of Book do you think is rarer?

    Have you ever seen a comprehensive list of non-UK Harvest releases that were not released in the UK. Discogs has many, but certainly not all. Presume someone must have compiled a fully comprehensive list at some point.


  5. Hi Steve. Honest answer is I don’t know, but it is possible that the “Sold In UK…” text could be in both formats for both those releases (Panama and Wasa) – detailed research of Popsike could reveal other versions…

    It would appear that ‘Wasa Wasa’ is the last album to feature this wording on the label. Which means it was phased out no later than October/November 1969.

    As to which version of “Book Of Taliesyn” is rarer it would depend on pinpointing when exactly the 5 line version was introduced…July of 1969 if ‘Wasa Wasa’ is the first original release with the 5 line wording, which would mean the 1st pressing of “Book of Taliesyn” with 4 lines was only available for 2 months, May and June of 1969 before being re-pressed.

    In theory, therefore, I would suggest the 4 line version is rarer, with the 5 line version being available for 4-5 months (July, August, Sept, Oct/Nov) up to October/November 1969 before being phased out altogether.

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