SHDW 1/2 – Pink Floyd

“Ummagumma” 1969


Sleeve notes:

Laminated gatefold sleeve by Hipgnosis, date code 6911 (November 1969) and printer’s credit on rear.
“Printed and made by Ernest J. Day & Co. Ltd. London”
Sleeves appear to be identical on 1st pressings and later reissues on Harvest.

The USA release airbrushed the ‘Gigi’ sleeve to white amidst fears over copyright issues. The Australian issue airbrushed the ‘Gigi’ sleeve out completely.

 USA sleeve with ‘Gigi’ sleeve airbrushed to white
 Australia sleeve with ‘Gigi’ removed completely.

Label notes:
Uk 1st pressing information must include the following –

“THE GRAMOPHONE CO. LTD” around rim of label
No EMI box logo on label
“MADE IN GT. BRITAIN” at bottom of label

Matrix notes:

UK 1st pressing (with label as above)

S H D W  1   A – 1  (G O at 3 o’clock in deadwax, 2 at 9 o’clock)

S H D W  1   B – 2  (G T at 3 o’clock in deadwax, 1 at 9 o’clock)

S H D W  2   A – 1  (G L at 3 o’clock in deadwax, 2 at 9 o’clock)

S H D W  2   B – 2  (R A at 3 o’clock in deadwax, 1 at 9 o’clock)

Side 4 label has a spelling error for track 2, labelled as ‘The Gand Vizier’s Garden Party’ instead of ‘The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party’

2nd PRESS LABEL below (with EMI logo)

5 comments on “SHDW 1/2 – Pink Floyd

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  2. Hi…I have a copy of Ummagumma..which has 3 labels with The GRAMOPHONE Co and the fourth label with EMI RECORDS label…is this a rarity..THANK YOU TO STEVE..YOU KNOWLEDGE IS AMAZING..BEST SITE ON THE INTERNET..

    • Hi, reasonably rare but not uncommon. Most record labels were printed up in their tens of thousands as ‘blanks’ and in the colour of the company’s logo (in Harvest’s case, yellow labels with green logo and green company info). In other words, the artist and record details would be overprinted afterwards in a single colour onto these ‘blank’ labels. In most cases, this will be a black overprint of the specific details – this is a much more economical way of printing colour labels in short print runs rather than printing the whole thing (in full colour) each time. Therefore, the printers will have stocks of blank labels which they’ll use up as and when they need to. So it’s likely that as the changeover from ‘The Gramophone Co. Ltd’ to ‘EMI Records Ltd’ occurred as a legal entity (in 1974), the printers still had stocks of old labels (Gramophone ones) and continued to use these up until they ran out…so your copy just happened to coincide with the crossover of the use of labels at the printer. Hope this helps.
      best regards

  3. I have a us copy with the non EMI labels. All the record labels are correct, but Record 1 side 2 and Record 2 Side 4 are identical audio tracks. In other words the audio tracks for Set the controls and Saucerful are missing. Perhaps Record 1 was supposed to be in a Record 1 Side 1,4. Record 2 Side 2,3 set and mislabeled? Either way pretty bad error. Wonder if there is any value there….

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